Pro-Family Films.

Storytelling through film can be a great tool, helping engage the culture for Christ, strengthen families, encourage couples to stay in the covenant of marriage, and share the life-changing power of the love of Jesus Christ.

At Pro-Family Films we create original films that uphold with integrity a Biblical worldview of marriage, children and family, with stories that encourage and strengthen the family to embrace the full gospel picture in the covenant of marriage. 

We’ve worked with Provident Films and the Kendrick Brothers on " War Room", as well as Burns Family Studios on the record breaking "Beyond the Mask". We’ve also produced  three of our own feature-length documentaries, two on the Bible and birth control and one on adoption. We're also producing a feature-film curriculum for FamilyLife, executive produced by The Kendrick Brothers and FamilyLife, due out in 2018.

Our feature films are made possible only through the collective efforts of people just like you, who wish to reach audiences with the hope of the Gospel, and to Build a Culture that Values Life through Film.  We invite you to listen to Kevin's 2016 speaking engagement as he opens up about his prayer strategy and journey that got him to where he is today.

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