FamilyLife Presents The Art of Parenting™

FamilyLife® (Dennis Rainey, Campus Crusade for Christ) has hired Pro-Family Films to produce a feature-film curriculum series on parenting, highlighting the core themes of Foundation, Character, Relationship, Identity, Mission, and Legacy.

The film, broken up across the six week study, will revolve around the life of a couple, following them from first-pregnancy anxiety all the way to a 50th wedding anniversary where their children honor their legacy.

This series is focused on helping parents raise their children in a godly way and navigate the challenges they will face with a Biblical approach and foundation.

Partnering with FamilyLife® to help make this film series a reality are producers Kevin Peeples and David Cook of Pro-Family Films LLC, and executive producers Alex and Stephen Kendrick, (War Room, Courageous, Fireproof)