There are many wives across the country who have been betrayed and abandoned by their husbands. I’m sure there are those in your congregation who also are hurting from a broken marriage.

Storytelling through film can be a great tool, helping pastors and churches engage the culture for Christ, strengthen families, encourage couples to stay in the covenant of marriage, and share the life-changing power of the love of Jesus Christ.

We’re Kevin & Dinika Peeples of Pro-Family Films, and together with our five children, we create original films that uphold with integrity a Biblical worldview of marriage, children and family, with stories that encourage and strengthen the family to embrace the full gospel picture in marriage and family life.

Our mission field is the millions of movie theaters, screens, televisions, tablets and devices used daily by people hungry for hope all over the world. 

We’ve worked with Provident Films and the Kendrick Brothers on "War Room" (which
became the #1 movie in America), as well as Burns Family Studios on the record breaking "Beyond the Mask." We’ve also produced three of our own feature-length documentaries, two on the Bible and birth control and one on adoption.

Now, we are excited to tell you about our newest film project, "Bring Him Home."

Last year, we came across the incredible testimony of Connie Hultquist. It’s the story of a hopeless, reckless teen who, despite the anguish she receives from a prison-bound, con-artist husband, waits for years for God to bring her wayward man home, by giving him unconditional love and teaching her children to respect their father regardless. 

Her incredible faith and desire to protect her marriage with every ounce of her strength captivated us. Her story was the most powerful marriage testimony we’ve ever heard, and we’re excited to present this story through film in hopes to save and strengthen marriages while also reaching the lost with the saving grace of the Gospel.

But we cannot reach audiences without the voluntary financial support of local churches like yours. As missionaries with the potential to reach global audiences, would you prayerfully consider supporting our project and helping us raise the funding we need to move this film forward?

We’re raising $25,000 to cover expenses related to writing and developing the screenplay based on personal interviews and thousands of Connie’s writings ( Funds will also be used for analysis, consultation and marketing to garner future investors for the film’s production.

Would you support us in the mission field of film to bring this story to life?

We appreciate your consideration in supporting our work.