It's a Girl!

We're already seeing the impact of The 5 Day Adoption. Before the film is even complete, Christina's story is already changing lives, and below is our first known story of little Christina touching the hearts of a husband and wife who had yearned for years to have a child of their own.

"I've told several other people about God's work in bringing Christina into your lives - particularly to my brother-in-law and his wife who have wanted to adopt but have let fears and other things stand in their way for so long that it almost seemed too late (they are both mid-40s and have never been able to conceive). 

I told them over Christmas that maybe God was using the obstacles in their lives to close this door for them since they let the smallest things keep them from moving forward.  For instance, they got a call about a baby already born but after years of working through the paperwork they felt like it was too fast and that they needed more time to prepare. 

The adoption agency apparently put them on the back burner because of this and they got no more calls from them.  I told them your story of how you got a phone call and within a few days you were holding a baby in your arms - and about your willingness to give up so much in order to go get her.  She was amazed by this story and couldn't believe you had enough faith to jump in so quickly.  

She told me later my comments about God closing the doors had upset her but said it made them realize that if they didn't step out in faith, they'd never have a baby.  She also told me that hearing your story had opened their eyes and helped them to see what could be possible. They called the adoption agency right away after hearing your story and God brought them a little girl early March of 2015! 

Thank you for being willing to share your story with people!"