How Long would you endure to see your wayward spouse come to salvation in the Lord?

For Connie, it was surviving through her husband abandoning her family over 30 times for months and months at a time over the course of 12 years, including multiple prison sentences.

BRING HIM HOME is the inspiring new film based on the powerful true testimony of a faithful wife who learned to wait on God to restore her totally broken marriage.

Deprived of love, a desperate young mother fights to love unconditionally and suffers long against all odds for a wayward man that all of church and society deems institutionalized and hopeless.

The Story:

In the late 1960’s, a reckless young girl Connie, who steals cars and fights crowds for thrill, falls for Jim, a wild and suave con-artist who had already been in and out of prison for seven years. After a month long fling together, he breaks the news through a letter that he's been violating parole and has turned himself in. Connie breaks the news back that she’s pregnant.

Through the single scuffed pane of visitation glass, the two dream of getting married. But their request is denied and the young teen soon changes her mind and informs her charming boyfriend that she's no longer interested in tying the knot.

Enraged, Jim executes a daring prison escape to prove his love, but lands back in solitary confinement. Impressed by this, Connie changes her mind and gets permission from the warden to marry Jim in prison. She must now wait for 3 years for the husband she barely knows to come home.  Months after the wedding she gives birth to her child and then radically gives her life to Jesus. 

Connie & Jim at their wedding day, Anamosa Penitentiary

Jim is released, but in less than a year he begins a crime spree and vanishes. Broken and confused, Connie thinks about divorce, but waits it out. Soon enough, Jim returns, looking like a madman, a Wild Man, as she calls him, and repents.

And this event would repeat itself more than thirty times. Sometimes Jim was gone for days. Sometimes months at a time. Jim would end up missing the birth of their second and third children, always leaving Connie to labor alone.

Finding herself betrayed and perpetually abandoned with no explanation from her husband, Connie must learn to control the burning rage in her heart before it destroys her marriage. She begins to fight for her marriage harder than we’ve ever seen anyone do. Long-suffering, she faithfully ran her home for the next 10 years, as if her husband was home, putting his plate at the head of the table in faith that she would receive her miracle.

The Impact!

Connie’s writings have been spread around the world and have reached the hearts of audiences through The Above Rubies Magazine. Marriages have already been saved and some have even become pastors themselves because of the direct influence of Connie in their lives. The impact is real, and it’s time to share this incredible story on film. 

Mrs Connie is the woman who truly taught me to stand and fight for my family and believe that with God, ALL things are possible. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Connie and her leadings to Jesus!!!!! I can never thank her enough!!
— Kelly Quinn, friend of Connie Hultquist
Connie’s testimony shows that you can’t lose with your faith in God even thou at every turn you take it shouts at you to give up.
— Lynetta Hamm, close friend of Connie Hultquist

Hear Chuck's Testimony:

Connie wrote that “Everyone had given up on Chuck.” As she invited 24 year old Chuck into her house, 22 year old Connie figured that she couldn’t hurt this guy any more by telling him about Jesus. So she did. And as she was speaking, Chuck looked around and saw that Connie didn’t have anything in this world that would give her any of the peace that she had within her. Watch the inspiring clip of how the Word of God is a healing for all of our afflictions and our sins. This is just one of many incredible stories that will be apart of Bring Him Home.