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We're Kevin & Dinika Peeples of Pro-Family Films, a family of seven following the Lord's calling to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through film. Our mission field are the millions of movie theaters, screens, televisions, tablets and devices used daily by people all over the world that are hungry for hope. 

Would you support us in the mission field of film to bring the incredible story of BRING HIM HOME to life?

We cannot reach audiences without the voluntary financial support of local churches and individual believers like you.  Consider giving the cost of a movie ticket for you and you friend - and concessions. 

With your help, we can complete a compelling script that will equip and encourage couples - more powerfully than we've seen in any other story - to honor their marriage vows and stay committed to their spouse. 

Based on the true story of a young Iowa housewife in the 1970's, BRING HIM HOME follows a reckless teen who falls for a wild con-artist and enters her marriage broken from the start. Deprived of love, this desperate young mother - who despite the anguish she undergoes from a prison-bound, con-artist husband - fights to love unconditionally as she suffers-long - for over 10 years against all odds - for God to bring her wayward man home.

Now, the story that has changed countless marriages and transformed numerous lives since the 70's is being written for the screen for global audiences to hear the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

The most powerful marriage testimony we've ever read, this story shows that life is far more complicated than the typical Sunday morning sermon would indicate. Life is gritty. Life is messy. And its time a Christian film followed suit to educate audiences how Christ's power is able to bring peace to those who seem hopeless and institutionalized. www.bringhimhomemovie.com

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is the true story of a desperate wife, deprived of love in a broken marriage.
This young mother - who despite the anguish and abandonment she endures from a prison-bound, con-artist husband - fights against all odds to love unconditionally as she suffers-long for God to bring her wayward man home.


I looked around and saw that Connie didn’t have anything in this world that would give her any of the peace that she had within her. She asked me if I wanted to give my life to Christ, and I responded ‘I think I just did’.
— Chuck Lillis, friend & now a pastor!
Connie’s testimony shows that you can’t lose with your faith in God even thou at every turn you take it shouts at you to give up.
— Lynetta Hamm, close friend of Connie Hultquist
Mrs Connie is the woman who truly taught me to stand and fight for my family and believe that with God, ALL things are possible. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Connie and her leadings to Jesus!!!!! I can never thank her enough!!
— Kelly Quinn, friend of Connie Hultquist
The Peeples Family

who we are:

Storytelling through film can be a great tool, helping engage the culture for Christ, strengthen families, encourage couples to stay in the covenant of marriage, and share the life-changing power of the love of Jesus Christ.

We're Kevin and Dinika Peeples of Pro-Family Films, and we create original films that uphold with integrity a Biblical worldview of marriage, children and family, with stories that encourage and strengthen the family to embrace the full gospel picture in the covenant of marriage. 

We’ve worked with Provident Films and the Kendrick Brothers on " War Room" (which became the #1 movie in America), as well as Burns Family Studios on the record breaking "Beyond the Mask". We’ve also produced  three of our own feature-length documentaries, two on the Bible and birth control and one on adoption.

Our feature films are made possible only through the collective efforts of people just like you, who wish to reach audiences with the hope of the Gospel, and to Build a Culture that Values Life through Film. 

As missionaries with the calling to reach audiences through the mission field of theaters, screens, televisions, tablets and devices, would you prayerfully consider supporting our project and helping us raise the funding we need to move this film forward?

January 19, 2016 - icuTalks - www.icuTalks.com


We invite you to listen to Kevin’s recent speaking engagement at icuTalks as he opens up about his prayer strategy and journey that got him to where he is today.

Hear amazing stories of answered prayer, powerful events that led to his involvement in War Room, and how Kevin is fulfilling his purpose each and every day. 

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Kevin Peeples, B.T.S. Producer on the set of War Room, Kannapolis NC. Image Credit Provident Films. Photo taken by David Whitlow.

Kevin Peeples, B.T.S. Producer on the set of War Room, Kannapolis NC. Image Credit Provident Films. Photo taken by David Whitlow.