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Faith Based Features & Documentaries

Creating & Marketing Films and Documentaries that Uphold a Gospel-Centered Worldview of Marriage, Children & Family.



About Us.


Pro-Family Films.

At Pro-Family Films, we create original films that uphold a Gospel-Centered Worldview of Marriage, Children, & Family.

What that means is that most Christians, if not all, will agree that marriage is a picture of the gospel - of Christ and His Church. But the fullness of this picture is far greater than most even realize.

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We desire to tell stories that encourage and strengthen the family to embrace the full gospel picture in the covenant of marriage. The family is under attack, the effects which are crumbling our society, and we believe that change begins in the home. The symptoms won't go away until we fix the heart of the problem.

Storytelling through film can be a great tool, helping engage the culture for Christ, strengthen families, encourage couples to stay in the covenant of marriage, and share the life-changing power of the love of Jesus Christ.

In addition to producing three of our own feature-length documentaries and producing the recent award-winning film Like Arrowswe've served multiple films alongside AFFIRM Films and Provident Films in their marketing efforts to reach greater audiences, including "Overcomer", "War Room",  "Beyond the Mask", and "Indivisible". 

The Team.


Kevin Peeples

Kevin Peeples is a husband, father, and filmmaker. He resides in Rock Hill, SC with his wife and seven children.

Kevin brings 16 years experience in the industry as a writer, director, and editor. He has written and directed multiple feature and documentary films, a successful Christian apologetics YouTube series, and countless commercials and music videos.


Dinika Peeples

Dinika is a believer in Jesus Christ, a loving wife to Kevin, and joyful mother to 7 children. She partners with her husband on project development and creation.

She recently co-developed the story of Like Arrows, now an award-winning film soon to be released on DVD February 5.


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