In association with Pro-Family Films, The BIRTH CONTROL Movie Project's follow up documentary to How Did We Get Here? was created to train Christian audiences to apply sound biblical doctrine to the area of family planning with a true gospel-centered attitude towards children and a desire for multi-generational legacy. The title question of the film seeks its answer by studying God’s sovereignty, reviewing our response to God’s revealed will, and defines the God-given avenues for obedience, sanctification, and proper stewardship.

Modern Christians desire relevancy, yet an overwhelming majority have never heard a practical message on the topic of birth control.  In our first film, we showed how the culture slowly transformed the church into accepting birth control as biblical theology.  Now, that we have gone the way of the world, leaning on our own understanding instead of fearing God, we must rediscover what the Scriptures say and what our forefathers knew before us.

In this film, we will cover six core arguments, presenting the Biblical evidence FOR Christian living with as many children as God might provide; and AGAINST birth control, contraception, and all forms of “family planning”, while answering the most common objections along the way.  

Starting with The Sufficiency of Scripture, the film will establish how the Bible speaks to this issue.  It will look to The Gospel Picture in Marriage to determine the relationship of procreation & unity - of life and love.  The Dominion Mandate will be defined and examined to see whether or not it still applies today.  It will consider the purpose of The Natural Process in God’s unique design of the female body.  It will see Children as God’s Blessing from His hand and the proper place for wisdom in family.  Finally, we'll end with a review of how Parenthood affects our understanding of God, our sanctification, and our Evangelism.

This film is for Christians as an aid to help us recover the gospel in family life.  The best witness before a lost and dying world, is an obedient life, surrendered to Christ, the Creator and Sustainer of all life.  May we preach the gospel with our lips and with our lives.

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